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On a mission to help our readers build and master data skills.

Our story

Data Resident was founded back in December 2020, by two entrepreneurs, with a strong ambition to support folks from all over the world to learn and master data skills.

Our goal is to bring anyone with an internet connection closer to a dream career in data. How? By providing you with fresh-, relevant-, helpful resources, tutorials, courses, and honest recommendations.

The founders come with 10+ real-world business experience with solid foundations in BI, data science, human behavior, user research, and UI / UX, and have worked with the world’s top leading companies.

Our editorial team is carefully selected based on expertise and experience, covering topics various topics like AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Business Intelligence, Data Analysis, Data Governance, and more.

Meet the Founders


Business Intelligence / Data Consultant

Entrepreneur and data consultant with a strong background in Business Analytics, real-life work experience at top companies like HelloFresh – the world’s leading meal-kit company.




Product UX / Data Visualization

Product designer focused on scientific research, human behavior, and UX. Trusted by leading companies like Adobe, Zoom, and BCR bank.




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