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11 Best Data Governance Books in 2024 (Trending Right Now)

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As data becomes more significant, it is perhaps the most valuable asset that businesses have. Data governance makes sure that this information is usable, accessible, and well-secured.

Data governance also leads to better data analytics, which leads to better decision-making and operational support.

Acknowledged industry leaders, experts, and technology professionals have written insightful books that even the most seasoned data worker will find useful. 

This article explores a list of the best Data Governance books to read in 2022. 

Best Data Governance Books

1. Get Governed: Building World Class Data Governance Programs

Templar’s book is well-organized and informative, with an approachable voice that covers all the bases without becoming bogged down in jargon.

This is our overall best book on Data Governance because it lays out a clear path to success while also keeping you awake and entertained with stories of how Data Governance has impacted the lives of consumers and workers.

The “Small Business Corner” section of each chapter, which pertains directly to businesses with specific and relevant ideas offered by Templar, was well-received by the majority of those who read the book.

  • Author: Morgan Templar
  • Date Published: 2017
  • Price: Cheap

2. Data Governance: How to Design, Deploy and Sustain an Effective Data Governance Program

This book is for any executive, manager, or data professional who needs to know why data governance is important, how to develop, launch, and manage a program, and how to keep it going. 

It provides essential insights into developing a successful and cost-effective data governance program, thanks to the methodology and case studies given, beginning professionals, managers, students, and analysts who want to improve their processes can benefit from this useful resource.

Author: John Ladley

Date Published: 2012

Price: Affordable

3. Non-Invasive Data Governance

This book is an important resource for anyone seeking to learn more about data governance and how it may be adopted in their organization.

The book gives a rational approach to governance and tangible action items, with the authors’ approachable writing style. The book talks about formalizing behaviors and holding people accountable as key, rather than trying to govern the data, because data does exactly what people order it to do.

Author: Robert S. Seiner

Date Published: 2014

Price: Affordable

4. Data Stewardship: An Actionable Guide to Effective Data Management and Data Governance

This book is jam-packed with practical stewardship guidance from David Plotkin, so you can apply it immediately, have early wins, assess and report those accomplishments, and gain greater support for this important project.

Almost every aspect of data stewardship is covered in this book, from definition to application, with both theoretical and practical elements of the subject.

Readers will not only grasp the concept of data stewardship, but will also be able to put one in place in their own organizations.

Author: David Plotkin

Date Published: 2020

Price: Cheap

5. The Chief Data Officer Handbook for Data Governance

Sunil Soares instructs Chief Data Officers (CDOs) on how to properly prepare for their wide range of responsibilities, how to establish a more sustainable approach, and how to avoid the common traps in this book.

In general, this is a step-by-step guidance for today’s chief data officers on how to design and manage data as an asset while enlisting the help of the proper individuals to offer the verified data needed to fuel tactical to revolutionary business initiatives.

Author: Sunil Soares

Date Published: 2015

Price: Affordable

6. Master Data Management and Data Governance, 2nd Edition

Master Data Administration and Data Governance, Second Edition presents a broad approach to the subject, providing up-to-date study of the latest architecture and technological approaches, as well as system development and management methods.

Basically, this is a useful and informative book that would be the overall best resource for anyone embarking on or continuing on an MDM and data governance journey, as it explains how to design business cases and roadmaps, create realistic models, deploy data hubs, and implement layered security rules.

Author: Alex Berson & Larry Dubov

Date Published: 2010

Price: Affordable

7. Big Data Governance: An Emerging Imperative

This guide, prepared by an industry specialist, focuses on the convergence of two significant developments in information management—big data and information governance—by taking a strategic approach based on business cases and industry principles.

Big Data Governance is a primer composed of case studies and frameworks that show how businesses can approach the topic of big data with the goal of maximizing its potential by employing industry-recognized data governance practices.

Author: Sunil Soares

Date Published: 2013

Price: Cheap

8. The Data Governance Imperative

The Data Governance Imperative is written from the standpoint of a businessperson, focusing on the business views that data enthusiasts, front-line employees, and executives care about.

This practical book covers both ideas and tactics for managing a data governance program, allowing readers to gain a better understanding of their organization and better handle difficulties.

Author: Steve Sarsfield.  

Date Published: 2016

Price: Cheap

9. DAMA-DMBOK: Data Management Body of Knowledge (2nd Edition)

DAMA International’s Guide to the Data Management Body of Knowledge (DAMA-DMBOK2), now in its second edition, updates and supplements the extremely popular DMBOK1.

Data governance is described as the heart of any data management practice in this authoritative reference book created by renowned thinkers in the area and rigorously evaluated by DAMA members.

This paper lays forth a framework for data management and information technology professionals, executives, educators, and researchers to manage their data and mature their information infrastructure.

Author: DAMA International

Date Published: 2017

Price: Cheap

10. Getting in Front on Data

In his book Getting in Front on Data, Tom Redman, or “the Data Doc,” discusses how getting to the base of the problem is the first step toward successfully solving real-world data problems.

If you don’t want to spend time cleaning up data, consider approaching the problem from a different structural perspective.

The book outlines the roles that everyone, at all levels of the organization, can and must play in ensuring that data meets the expectations of its use in day-to-day work, decision-making, planning, and analytics.

Author: Thomas C. Redman

Date Published: 2016

Price: Affordable

11. IT Governance: How to Reduce Costs and Improve Data Quality through the Implementation of IT Governance

This topical book is particularly relevant to the everyday use of master data management, and it includes real-world examples and frameworks to assist firms mitigate risks and save costs in data quality improvement.

Schindlwick provides all of his knowledge and experience from eighteen years of consultancy work, presenting a complex issue in a practical and understandable manner.

He gives a superb vision of data management and data governance, as well as the necessity of data quality inside a corporation, in a beautifully written, well-balanced insight into IT governance. 

Author: Helmut Schindlwick

Date Published: 2017

Price: Affordable

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