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21 SQL Project Ideas for Your Portfolio (New!)

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To land that dream job as a Data Analyst or Data Scientist, you’ll need more than just an updated resume.

A current and updated portfolio with exciting and fresh SQL project ideas is a must; this is because employers need evidence of your exceptional ability and skills.

Employers or recruiters need evidence of the challenging problems you have solved or great ideas you have come up with, and this is where “your portfolio” comes in.

What is a SQL Portfolio?

SQL means Standard Query Language; it has been widely used in data language since 1974 till date. SQL is particularly good for handling structured data and is necessary for jobs like data analysis. 

Your portfolio should be able to stand in for you in your absence; it is evidence of your technical know-how and skills. 

To create a portfolio, here are 21 unique, modern, and interesting ideas to start your portfolio in data analysis with SQL. 

How do I create a SQL Portfolio?

There are several tools available to create an SQL portfolio, and some of them are GitHub, WordPress, and Count. And you can derive the data from sources like Big. Query, Snowflake data marketplace, Kaggle, etc.

SQL Project Ideas

1. Carbon Emissions Calculator

The unpredictable recent changes in climate and weather conditions have been a cause for concern globally.

A carbon emission calculator calculates the carbon emissions of buildings using parameters like the floor area of the building and workdays per year combined with additional data like the type of building, climate conditions, etc.

2. Blood Donation Database

This idea involves a database of important information on blood donors.

The important information needed are the Patient’s name, donor’s name, blood group of both the donor and patient, medical condition of the patient, laboratory analysis of the donor’s donor, address of the donor, blood bank name and address, and other important pieces of information. 

3. Payroll Management System

The payroll management system is a widely used database in organizations and companies. It computes the workers’ salaries by calculating their pay, taxes, benefits, and attendance. 

Here is an example of a complete payroll management system project.

4. Hospital Management System

This is a classified record of every staff member in the hospital and patients, and it can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

Patients’ personal information, medical conditions, laboratory tests, procedures, admission date and discharge information.

Each staff member’s personal information and resume, medical equipment, stores are also part of the information included in the hospital management system.

Basically, everything in the hospital is included in the management system for proper data management.

5. Library Management System

This project involves creating a user-friendly library management system using Asp.Net with C#. The automated library management system includes books, titles, and availability prices.

It ensures easy retrieval and issuing of books to people.

When users order a book online, the book’s availability automatically decreases. There are also filters to search for a particular book online using the book name, author name, content or price.

6. E-commerce Database

E-commerce is the buying and selling on an online platform. It involves using an online application database, where customers can pick goods they are interested in, register and pay for the item through the internet.

It includes the customer’s name, contact, address(for delivery of goods), and bank details for payment.

7. Online Ticketing Payment

This involves payment of tickets online; it can be a railway ticket, flight ticket, movie ticket, or a concert ticket.

It prevents two users from booking the same access or seats.

The information needed for a movie ticket database includes the movie title, movie showtime, alternative broadcast time, cinema location, and seat numbers assigned after payment.

8. Recipe Database

This database should be filled with both old and new cooking recipes, including steps to prepare, measurements of ingredients used, an option to search for recipes with ingredients, and a comment box or forum for users to comment and interact.

It can be created using the RichText HTML editor.

9. Art Gallery Database

This is a project idea for an art gallery, with the available art pieces included, prices, brief history or information about the piece. It can also be an art gallery management database with customers’ information like names, interest in the art piece, and the amount spent.

10. Research Database

This is a database constituting various research; it could be on a particular field like nursing, philosophy, or sociology, or it could be a broad research database constituting various research fields.

This existing research provides a framework and a reference for new research.

11. College Database

A centralized college database involves the school’s various departments(i.e., English, History, Music, etc.), professors, courses, students, and the number of students taking each course.

12. Car Rental Database

Car rental companies need an efficient management database, that includes the number of cars available, the cars rented, the rentee information and the days or hours each car was rented by customers. 

13. Employee Reward Database

This database features all the employees in an organization along with the rewards or benefits they are entitled to.

Other SQL-based project ideas include;

14. Water Supply Management Database

15. Food Nutrition Database

16. Calorie Counter Database

17. Utility Bill Database

18. Token Management Database

19. Restaurant Management Database

20. Recipes Database

21. Inventory Control System


A strong portfolio is key to attracting potential employers and recruiters because it shows them what you are capable of.  It is always advisable to research the company you are applying to and tailor your SQL portfolio to their main function.

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