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Data Governance Job Titles and Salaries (2024)

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In the past years, numerous job roles appeared in the data governance field. According to Statista, organizations across the globe deal with zettabytes of data and will reach almost 100 zettabytes of data in 2022. That’s a lot.

This data needs to be efficiently managed and every piece of information needs to be properly collected, consumed, organized, and many times deleted when it’s no longer useful.

Companies need huge teams of data specialists to ensure everything works properly.

Therefore, the demand for data analysts, business analysts, and data governance analysts is on the rise.

Data governance professionals are crucial to have within an organization.

They ensure that all data-related activities within their company are organized, secure, and optimized to reach specific business goals.

They are in charge of making big decisions and creating policies and frameworks to reduce risk and increase the value of data.

There are many data governance roles out there, and each with different responsibilities. 

Data Governance Job Titles and Salaries for 2022

Generally, we have the following:

RoleSalary Range
Data Governance Analyst $49,000 – $98,000
Data Governance Specialist $61,000 – $91,000
Data Governance Lead $87,000 – $131,640
Data Governance Manager $100,074 – $130,032
Data Governance Consultant $91,000 – $210,000
Data Governance Director $149,000 – $190,000

What Does a Data Governance Manager Do?

Data governance managers and leads need to have extensive knowledge of how the organization works and will be responsible to form and manage a data governance team. 

They’ll need to ensure that all the committees (Executives, Data Governors, and Data Stewards) are in complete sync with each other.

Data governance managers oversee all the processes, monitor metrics, lead meetings, and track progress. 

They are also responsible to ensure the organization’s data governance framework going forward.



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