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Is DataCamp Worth It in 2024? (Certificate, Costs, Review)

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DataCamp is one of the most popular online learning platforms for data science. If you’re wondering if DataCamp is worth it, you’re in the right place.

Its courses, exercises, career and skill pathways, and community allow beginners and advanced students to learn key data science concepts, master skills, and launch their careers.

They have been the leading name in the game since 2013 (not since 2014 as some claim).

DataCamp is for anyone who wants to learn data science skills, and it’s perfect for beginners.

The exercises are very hands-on (sometimes too much so), the interface is clean and simple, and the curriculum is very straightforward.

It takes you from the basics up to more advanced concepts and theories with tons of exercises, practice, and real-world applications plus feedback.

Article Updated on April 2023

Is DataCamp worth paying for?

In our opinion, DataCamp is worth the money.

The standard plan costs $25/month per year or $39/month if you pay monthly.

But they often run discounts and offer attractive yearly packages.

Student Discount – 50% Off for Students by subscribing to a Premium Student Plan!

This includes unlimited access to expert courses, hands-on mode, career paths, case studies, and community support for top-notch training on Python, SQL, and R – plus you get the mobile app.

Rather than diving headfirst into a $25,000/year master’s program, DC allows you to :

  • Test whether you like data science
  • Learn the fundamental skills you’ll need in any data science job
  • Practice in the real world for next to nothing
  • Meet and network with students and instructors
  • Learn valuable skills
  • And all for a pretty low price

Prices when you pay yearly

Prices when you pay monthly

Check all the plans on the DataCamp website.

Will DataCamp help me get a job?

DataCamp (DC) will not get you a six-figure job out of the blues, but it will help you ace your interviews. If you get a DataCamp certificate, that will count a lot on your CV.

If you want to be a data analyst, machine learning engineer, or any of the other fancy jobs out there, DC is a great platform to get started.

DataCamp is a great way to gain skills and practice until you’ve mastered them.

It’s an easy and affordable way to learn fundamental data science skills. Use it to learn the basics, get hands-on experience, and practice for your interviews.

Is Codecademy or DataCamp better?

DataCamp focuses on Python, R, and SQL, but also offers training in:

  • Excel
  • Git
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • Shell
  • Scala
  • Spark
  • Spreadsheets

Along the way, you’ll learn theory and practical skills related to programming, data cleansing, machine learning, probability and statistics, and data engineering.

If you’re looking for more robust courses or programs that will help you get right into data science jobs, be prepared to pay a lot more. But you’ll get what you pay for. 

On the other hand, Codecademy is the best place to go on the web to get actual professional certificates that will get you real-world jobs.

You pay a lot, but it makes you 100% job ready. The skills, hands-on training, and theory are all at a higher level than DC… as is the price.

Codecademy Vs Dataquest

Codeacademy is an affordable, fun, and easy way to learn basic and intermediate data science skills, especially when it comes to R and Python.

It is easily the leading MOOC (massive open online course) for data science.

If you’re looking to get your feet wet, learn the basics, get some practice, or even improve your current job, it’s absolutely worth it.

The breadth of topics makes it worth the price. Instead of all the trial and error, or searching for sub-par tutorials, it’s an all-in-one hub run by people who are experts.

Once you “graduate” from Dataquest, you can apply those skills to your own projects or find more in-depth resources. You’ll be way ahead of the game.

And for companies, Dataquest is a great way to get your employees up to speed inexpensively without spending tens of thousands of dollars on a degree or course.

It’s not the most in-depth education out there, but for what it is, Dataquest is a good value. Just know what it is before you buy and you’ll be satisfied.

Datacamp Free VS Paid

Datacamp is like many online services where there is a free component, but it is limited. Users will have to pay to fully utilize the career tracks, skill track features, and the community.

Outside of the free level, the DataCamp’s Standard level will run $25/month now that is billed yearly.

You have to be committed if you want to pay upfront for an entire year and can commit to using the platform. There are also the Premium, Professional, and Enterprise plans. All billed yearly.

They do offer discounts here and there, if you search online.

 Getting started for free is however definitely worth it for the following:

  • To work on 7 projects 
  • Coding practice with real challenges
  • 1 skills assessment to test mastery

Note that with just going one level up to Standard you still only get the 7 projects but gain the mobile app courses and community in addition to unlimited skills assessments and many full course tracks.

How good is Datacamp for Python?

datacamp for python

DataCamp is an excellent platform for learning Python.

Through a web-based code editor, students on DataCamp learn Python with hands-on programming exercises.

It’s worth mentioning, though, that DataCamp mostly teaches Python in the context of data science and analytics, rather than general-purpose programming.

DataCamp proved to be an excellent platform for learning data science and analytics online.

With plenty of high-quality online courses in Python, SQL, and R, DataCamp offers a comprehensive data science training package for individuals and businesses. 

Datacamp Certificate (Pros and Cons)

DataCamp is a great way to start your journey toward a career in data science.

If you grind through DataCamp’s coursework on Python, R, or SQL, you’ll be way ahead of the curve, which may help you land a job or get a promotion at work.

While you may necessarily not include Datacamp in your resume, its certificates are 100% worth it.

And, if you choose to include it, like other certificates, DataCamp certificates will help you prove that you can conduct some machine learning and data analysis tasks.

They can be helpful to put on your resume when you are looking for a job.

Datacamp Review 

You just have to love Datacamp’s blended model of interactive learning.

Its byte-size videos and creative coding with tips and hints are ingenious to learn coding from scratch.

For working professionals who are having less time, it is simply a mouth-watering learning experience.

The interactive points and certifications you receive after completing the course modules are a true manifestation of exhilaration and enthusiasm of sheer joy.

The con most often complained about is the fact that DataCamp doesn’t offer a verified certificate from a partnered University or Organization.

Instead, a Statement of Accomplishment is given once successfully completes the course.

Datacamp Pricing

Datacamp subscription plans are divided mainly into Individual and Business plans

Individual Plans- DataCamp has three different plans for individual learners:

  • Standard includes access to over 350 courses and practice exercises. ($25/month)
  • Free includes the first chapter of over 350 courses. ($0/month)
  • Premium includes access to over 350 courses (including Power BI, Tableau, and Oracle content), projects, and practice exercises ($33.25/month)
  • Business Plan: DataCamp has two different business plans for organizations with multiple learners.
  • Professional Plan: Unlimited access to over 300 courses, projects, and practice sessions ($25/month)
  • Enterprise Plan: Enterprise Subscriptions include everything in a Professional Plan, as well as some other Enterprise-exclusive features. Contact Datacamp for a demo and pricing information.

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