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Is IBM Data Science Professional Certificate Worth It?

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The IBM Data Science Professional Certificate is one of several steps on the road to becoming a data scientist. Because it is a beginner-level course, it may be taken by anybody, with or without prior Data Science experience

The IBM Data Science Professional Certificate is certainly worth it, as the course provides you with the abilities you’ll need to compete in the data analyst job market, making it a worthy choice for anybody wishing to upskill and change careers. Above all, it is cost-effective, adaptable, and has no eligibility limitations.

We’ll look through the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate in depth so you can decide if it’s a good fit for you.

We’ll go through what this certification entails, how it’s awarded, the features and benefits it provides, the cons, and how you can add the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate to your resume.

What Is The IBM Data Science Professional Certificate?

The IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate is a completely online and self-paced professional training course designed by IBM that prepares you to become a junior data analyst.

The courses are completed through the online learning platform, Coursera, Edx, and Skillup.

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Is The IBM Data Science Professional Certificate Free?

If you finish the course in 7 days, it’s free;

Otherwise, it’ll cost you a basic subscription of $39 every month to finish.

You won’t finish it in the 7-day window unless you cut a lot of corners which won’t allow you to get the required learning experience the course provides. 

Is It A Good Course To Follow?

The Certificate Course is made up of ten different modules that focus on developing data science abilities, learning Python and SQL, analyzing and visualizing data, and creating machine learning models.

The content is extremely well-structured, with a logical development in both theoretical principles and practical tasks.

The content may also be downloaded and viewed offline.

Module 1: What is Data Science?

This provides a broad overview of the subject and aids in clarifying concepts. It gives a full definition of who a data scientist is and what it entails.. 

Module 2: Tools for Data Science

This module provides you with a plethora of tools that you may apply to a variety of use cases that you may encounter during your data science career. This is the most useful introduction for newcomers.

Module 3: Data Science Methodology

You’ll discover how to organize your work. Shows you how to stick to a structure that will help you stay productive even when working on larger tasks.

Module 4: Python for Data Science, AI & Development

You’ll master the fundamentals of Python as well as how to work with common data types.

This is as simple as it seems; no prior development knowledge is required; all that is required is some additional theory and basic coding.

Module 5: Python project for Data Science

In this module, you’ll put what you’ve learned in class to use in a situation that’s a little more real-life. It provides you with some confidence in your new talents by allowing you to put them into practice.

Module 6: Database and SQL for Data Science with Python

This subject will provide you a lot of coding experience as it relates to Database engagements and the SQL theory.

Module 7: Data Analysis with Python

Data wrangling, data analysis, and model construction are all covered in this module. Modules 5 and 6 do not prepare you for this, thus it may be overwhelming for a first-timer. However, if you take it gently, you’ll be OK.

Module 8: Data Visualization with Python

Because visualizing your data is actually the most enjoyable element of the entire job process, the insights you receive here are priceless. This module will show you how to achieve it.

Module 9: Machine learning with Python

This module will offer you an overview of the most prevalent and fundamental machine learning techniques that you may use with Python.

It’s true that this won’t turn you into a pro, but if you’ve never done anything like it before, we think it’s a wonderful place to start.

Module 10: Applied Data Science Capstone

This is our favorite module, owing to the fact that it is the final step in obtaining the certificate. You get to put all of your newly acquired skills to use on a major project.

They demonstrate how to do it first, then you must replicate it.

It’s entirely up to you how difficult you make it for yourself. You can either copy and paste the code from the module and apply it in a slightly different method, or you can create something new.

Is IBM Data Science Professional Certificate Worth It For A Job?

Yes, the IBM Data Science Professional Certification course is worth it!

The program is designed to help those who want to study and develop career-relevant skills, tools, and a portfolio of projects in order to get a competitive advantage during the entry-level job search.

Students who have finished the course will be better prepared to work in this industry.

Despite industry demand for competent data science workers who can effectively connect with data and deliver relevant data-driven insights, there is a very small talent pool of individuals who can fully meet these firms’ needs.

Certifications, such as the this one, provide companies with the confidence they need in the competency of job seekers they are contemplating hiring.

How Much Does The IBM Data Science Professional Certificate Cost? 

The IBM Data Analytics Professional Certificate is available through the Coursera online learning platform, with costs starting at $39 per month (USD).

As a result, if you complete the course in the recommended 11 months, it will cost you around $429 (USD).

Most people can finish it in less than 11 months and save money because they only pay for the months they spent working on it.

How To Obtain The IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

The IBM Certificate consists of ten modules, which we have discussed in detail in this article.

These courses can be studied individually or concurrently and after completing the course and the final project, you will receive an IBM Certificate.

You can read more about the course and the certificate on Coursera.

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