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Is Tableau Certification Worth It in 2024? (Final Verdict)

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More and more businesses want to make data-driven decisions, hire new analysts, and Tableau is at the centre of it. Market Intelligence predicts that the data visualisation market around the world will hit a 9.69% growth rate from 2021 to 2026.

So, is it worth it to obtain a Tableau Certificate?

Yes, the Tableau Certification is totally worth it. If you also bring the right skills (technical and soft skills), becoming Tableau Certified can add a significant boost to your salary, help you ace interviews, raise your career potential and attract the attention of well-established companies.

Additionally, the certification we recommend (Desktop Specialist) even comes with an affordable price tag at $100 and it’s valid a lifetime.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, data science jobs will continue to increase in coming years, also World Economic Forum 2020 lists data science and data analysis jobs as the most competitive jobs with the highest demand in all industries

What Exactly is a Tableau Certification?

A Tableau Certification validates the technical analytical skills, data visualisation skills and expertise in Tableau, and it’s obtained after passing an exam.

Getting certified shows that you want to step up their skills or want to be part of the BI world.

Each Tableau certification represents a level of proficiency and skill through a data analysis lens. Being certified increases your chances to be part of bigger and better-paid projects.

Tableau Certification Costs

Tableau certification can cost between $100 and $250:

  • Desktop Specialist costs $100
  • Tableau Data Analyst costs $250, $199 during beta (promo ends after 31 Dec)
  • Server Certified Associate costs $250
  • Tableau Partner Certifications (Architect and Consultant) cost $150 + taxes each

Certifications that were popular but not available anymore:

  • Desktop Certified Associate costs $250 (retired)
  • Desktop Certified Professional costs $600 (retired)
  • Server Certified Professional costs $800 (retired)

Why Should You Get a Tableau Certificate?

In 2022, opting for a Tableau Certification makes more sense than ever, as jobs in data are on the rise.

Once you pass the exam, employers will usually see you in a new light.

Tableau certification demonstrates your expertise in advanced business analytics and helps you stand out in the job market.

And visual analytics experts believe the value of becoming Tableau Certified is multifaceted. (Ryan Sleeper)

What is the Main Benefit of a Tableau Certification?

Data analytics jobs paired with Tableau Certifications have become a perfect combination to get paid more than the market competitive rate. 

Whether you’re a Data Analyst, Data Strategist, Data Visualization Analyst, or Business Intelligence Manager, a Tableau certification will always be a plus if you to advance in your career and get to six figure salaries.

Is Tableau in Demand?

Yes, Tableau professionals have had consistent demand and the market trends suggest this demand will accelerate even more in the coming years. 

Due to this high-demand, Tableau Developers became one of the best paid professionals in the data / dev world.

On average, a Tableau developer’s average annual salary accounts for $108,697.

How Long is Tableau Certification Good For?

Unlike traditional certifications that expire after 1 year, Tableau certifications last more: two years, three years and the Desktop Specialist Certification is permanent.

Safe to say, in terms of validity, from the day you get your Tableau certification, you can expect it to last for 3 years.

How Difficult is Tableau Certification?

Contrary to popular belief, the Tableau certification exams are not the easiest.

On average, you’d need 4 weeks to study and 5+ months to practice Tableau to pass the exam and get the certification. 

So make sure you are ready to spend a considerable amount of time to prepare for the exam. 

For some exams, you’ll only get 50 minutes to answer 45 multi-choice-based questions.

The Beta Data Analyst Certification has a 150 minutes time limit, and 59 questions + 1 hands-on lab.

Tableau Certification Salary: How Much Can You Earn?

According to a PayScale survey, a Tableau Business / Data Analyst, has on average, a $94,280 salary. (US) *

In comparison, this is $15,000 more than what a regular business analyst earns ($79384 Avg | Nov 2021). *

If you get certified, the bump in the salary gets higher, but it also depends on the job position.

Business Intelligence Analysts with Tableau Certifications can earn up to $97,000K with a median salary of $71,000. Similarly, data scientists can earn up to $135,000 with a median salary of $98,000.*

*according to Payscale and ZipRecruiter (data from 1 dec 2021)

Can You Get a Job with a Tableau Certification?

Yes, you can get a job easier if you get certified. HR professionals claim that having a Tableau certification opens up new career opportunities and interesting job possibilities for individuals.

Once you know your way around Tableau, you can apply for jobs like Tableau Consultant, Business Analyst, Data Analyst /Scientists, and more!

Getting a job also depends on whether or not you have extensive work experience or if not, it matters your ability to showcase your analytical / viz skills to an employer. A great portfolio is always a plus.

Which Tableau Certification Should You Start With

Different needs require a different Tableau certification. 

If you work as a system administrator with Tableau, then opt for Tableau Server certifications. If you want to / work in consultancy, opt in for the Consultant certificate.

If you’re approaching Tableau certification to get a data analysis job, then you should go with the classics – you cannot go wrong with the Desktop Specialist exam.

Be aware that Tableau retired many of its certifications in the course of 2021. We updated our article to make sure you are well-informed with the current valid exams.

Read the section below to see which certificate might be best for you in 2022.

What Are The Different Tableau Certifications

Tableau Desktop Specialist

This certification is associated with basic Tableau Desktop knowledge and the ability to solve data analytics problems.

It covers the ground of foundational core concepts and terms of Tableau that allow users to connect, explore, prepare, analyse, and share data insights though classic visualisations. 

You can take the exam even after 3+ months of product experience.

The title will be valid forever, and will not expire.

Tableau Certified Data Analyst (NEW)

This Data Analyst Certification is brand new (currently now on 1.12.2021 in beta), and it costs $199 during the beta period. If you read this in 2022, it now costs $250.

It’s ideal for learning in-depth business analysis that help stakeholders take data-driven decisions.

The suggested product experience is 6+ months.

Tableau Certified Associate / Server

This certification caters to individuals with extensive understanding and knowledge of Tableau Server in a dedicated single-machine environment.

It requires users to have at least 6+ months of experience.

The title will be valid for two years.

Tableau Certified Associate Consultant |Partner

Designed for Tableau partners, this Consultant certification is critical to have especially if you plan to do work on behalf of “Tableau”.

These exams test your knowledge around the entire Tableau platform, so they are more difficult than others.

Tableau Certified Associate Architect |Partner

Dedicated to Tableau partners, this Architect certification tests your knowledge of Tableau platform implementation and maintenance.

Important note: The following certifications were retired by Tableau in 2021, but no worries, if you already have these certificates they will continue to be valid until the expiration date.

Tableau Desktop Certified Associate (retired on September 30, 2021)

This certification was catered to individuals who had a thorough understanding and knowledge of Tableau Desktop with a minimum experience of five months.

It reflected the efficiency of the user in Tableau Desktop’s functionality to analyze and address different types of problems.

Tableau Desktop Certified Professional (retired on July 31, 2021)

This certification was for individuals who possess advanced skills and comprehensive knowledge in Tableau Desktop with over one year of practical experience.

It showed that the user can analyze new data and figure out to communicate visual insights for the intended audience.

Tableau Server Certified Professional (retired on July 31, 2021)

This certification was for individuals who have a thorough knowledge of Tableau Server enterprise configuration and other functionalities. It required users to have a minimum of nine months of practical experience on the Tableau Server.

Which is the best certification for Tableau?

Any certification from above has its own value. We recommend taking first the Desktop Specialist one.

It’s the easiest to get and still it shows to any employer that the candidate put time and effort to pass the exam and now has a certain expertise level.

Importance of Tableau Certification in Changing Business Landscape

In the digital and tech-centric age, businesses depend on smart data analysis.

The good news is that getting a Tableau certificate have become relatively simple and easy for beginners.

Business leaders and HR recruiters focus on whether or not potential candidates have what it takes to use their dedicated platform. 

But the worth and value of Tableau certification boil down to how much salary bump you want and the type of job you expect to get hired for.

On the surface, it might be simple, but you have to be clear about what you’re seeking to get the “right” Tableau certification.

Tableau certification pros and cons


  • Employers indicate that data analytics jobs with Tableau certification get paid higher than the average market rate.
  • Shows you’re dedicated and made an effort to improve your skills and get certified
  • You also get the chance to get in a wide range of well-financed sectors (Education, Healthcare, Finance etc)


  • It’s not free
  • Valid for three years, after that you’ll need to renew it. (it costs around $25 to reschedule it)

Final Thoughts

Of course, passing the Tableau exam is the main objective, but make sure to go through the learning experience to understand all the complex topics and improve your skills.

Many individuals with Tableau certification often start to get more opportunities to work with renowned organizations.

In hindsight, it would be fair to say that the perks of the Tableau certificate outweigh its price tag. So yes, it’s totally worth to get it.

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